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Cybersecurity 2020 Humble Book Bundle

Right now on Humble Bundle, you can get a cybersecurity book bundle. Pay what you want for this bundle & decide how much of what you pay goes to charity, myself, authors & Humble. This bundle is well worth taking a look.

Keeping yourself safe online is very important these days as online threats continue to grow. Make sure you're keeping your accounts safe every way you can. The books in this Humble Book Bundle will help you learn about different cybersecurity topics.

Featuring titles such as "Secrets and Lies: Digital Security in a Networked World", "Social Engineering: The Science of Human Hacking" & "Cryptography Apocalypse: Preparing for the Day When Quantum Computing Breaks Today's Crypto" plus over 10 other books, your knowledge of security will grow greatly.

Learn about secure network systems while removing the myths & lies surrounding the topic. Protect yourself from simple-stupid attacks used by cunning people to gather information from you without you even knowing. What simple security measures can you take to protect yourself online & in real life that you aren't taking advantage of already? Do you feel you aren't secure enough online? Maybe you'll learn about some more advanced measures you can take to really ensure your protection & privacy.

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