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New first-person puzzler, Lightmatter, launches on Steam

Yesterday, Jan. 15, Lightmatter launched on Steam. It's a great little puzzle with a sassy character named Virgil who serves as your guide & is the CEO of Lightmatter. I found out about this game a little while ago & was able to procure a review copy for the game. So far, I love it. They've definitely taken inspiration from the Portal games & even reference Aperture Science in the game. you use light to create a safe path through the darkness because the shadows will swallow any organic material. And you thought it was silly to be afraid of the dark...

Lightmatter is a try-before-you-buy sort of game. Play the first hour of the game before buying it & yes, your progress will save & carry over.

I have a 25% off coupon for the game available for trade on Steam here:

If you would like to support both myself & charity, you can purchase Lightmatter on Humble Bundle: Much appreciated if you do!

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