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Live streaming with 0 viewers

So you're live streaming a game you really enjoy playing, trying to make it fun & hoping that at least a few people show up to share in your enjoyment. After 30 minutes, still no one has shown up, or at least no one has stayed long. After 1 hour, there's still no difference and you're losing motivation to continue. It happens to almost all streamers, especially if you're very new to streaming & just starting out. Don't beat yourself up about it, don't let it bother you. Just keep streaming as long as you want & pretend you're just recording the video instead of live streaming it. You can either edit it later on so it looks like a recorded video, or you can leave it & if anyone watches afterward, you'll still have some entertainment value.

Just yesterday, I decided to live stream some more Green Hell and barely anyone showed up. A couple people came to check in or say hi while I was live, which is nice but the average viewers was 1. After 3 or 4 years of live streaming and an audience of over 700 awesome people across platforms, you'd think there'd be even 5% average viewers. In my experience, viewership tends to accumulate over time, but not so much in the moment. It's still a bit frustrating when no one shows up, of course, but I still try to have fun with whatever game I'm playing.

It is very discouraging to stream when no one is watching and even more so when even your friends aren't there to watch. Maybe it's because of the time of time of day, so everyone's at work or school, or maybe your friends are busy with other stuff. Heck, maybe they just don't care much for the game you're playing, which is fine. In my opinion or preference, I'd still watch just to be talking with them a bit, but not everyone is like that. You don't want to damage any friendships over something like this, so don't go getting mad at your friends for not showing up to your live streams. If it comes up, you can tell them honestly how you feel & I'm sure they'll understand.

All in all, just keep streaming. If you think about it, you'd probably play the game on your own anyway if you weren't streaming it, so if no one shows up it's just like that. If people do show up to watch, then it's a bonus because you can share your enjoyment of it!

Keep doing you.


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