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Who do you create content for?

In all creative endeavors, it is important to define who you create for. The 'why' is secondary, in my opinion. You should create content for yourself; create what you like, what defines you, what gives you joy. Sure, you can have the added benefit of helping others with your creations, but I think it is important to please yourself before others in this realm.


If you don't enjoy your own content, how can you expect others to enjoy it? How will you keep it up after long periods of time? Are you just going to give up on it after a while, once you realize it's not fulfilling? It's like the metaphorical mask of happiness someone wears when they're deeply depressed. You will spend more energy on keeping up the façade than you would if you simply did whatever came naturally. I don't think you should fake soemthing like this. Over time, things change & you find different interests or something that you loved no longer feels the same as it once did & that's fine. You can transition to new things or experiment & there's nothing wrong with that. However, it will be a much more natural process if everything was done naturally from the start.

Following your creative passions is exhilarating & the sad thing is that not everybody has the opportunity or time to delve into them. If you are lucky enough to have that opportunity, please don't squander it. Do what you feel like doing, even if it's more than one thing. Though, you will have to find a way to pace yourself. There is a such thing as doing too many things at once, but that's a problem to explore another time. For now, you should pick a few things you enjoy & start getting creative with them. Find out what works best & what you end up spending more of your time on. That part can easily come naturally. You'll get into a flow of things & you'll end up focusing the majority of your time on one thing or a few things. This is good. Just let it happen, but don't be afraid to branch out, experiment & explore other paths. Who knows? Maybe you'll even find multiple creative endeavors that compliment each other!


So that's it. Let me know, what are your creative passions & do you spend time on them? What are some things you'd like to try in the future?

Until next time, Godbless!

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