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Windows 7 is superior to Windows anything-else.

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Windows 7 is far superior. Change my mind.

The only issues I had on Windows 7 was programs (and websites ffs) complaining that I'm on Windows 7.

Upgraded to Windows 11 with a laptop because I was forced to (old PC's boot drive died, as you likely know, and the machine is slowly dying otherwise) and I've had nothing but problems. Ranty list below:

-OBS installed & opened totally fine with no issues. I do a restart. OBS "Failed to initialize video." I do updates. OBS runs fine. Suddenly, after no change whatsoever, OBS: "Failed to initialize video."

-I attempt to update Nvidia drivers because GeForce Experience tells me the newest Game Ready Driver is available. Update failed 10 times in a row. I download directly from Nvidia. Update goes through fine. Since I'm there, I get the Nvidia Studio update as well. Fails. Whatever, idgaf. (It was after this point that OBS errored the 2nd time (the next day), described above). Attempt updating drivers again & discover that, for some reason, Geforce Experience no longer exists. Continue to try updating and continue failing until I update automatically via device manager. OBS now opens.

-Unplug laptop because battery is charged. 3 seconds later, BSOD. Second time next day. Fixed by updating battery drivers via device manager (search my computer for drivers). No longer has happened.

-Plugged in the laptop & screen froze, apps started slowly closing & crashing requiring a forced shutdown. Has not happened a second time but I also haven't done anything to try fixing it.

-Browser began freezing randomly for 12+ seconds at a time and then quickly registering every click, scroll or other action taken during its freezing arse. I was screensharing in Discord at the time so this is likely the problem. I tried killing the processes of my browser & Discord. Discord restarts & gives me RTC connecting error for the next 25 minutes.

-On top of all this, the poor thing has been restarted like 50 times in 1 week which doesn't make me feel good.

-Now I'm getting weird audio crackling when I dare to launch any other program instead of literally gluing my eyes to the YouTube video that's playing. The crackling also happens if I'm in another program doing anything at all that causes a slight increase in the amount of activity like scrolling in another window. Discord running seems to be the worst. And screensharing in Discord makes the issues even worse. CPU usage is only at 30%, i7 12900KH. -With a i7 12900KH & 3080Ti, the thing is so laggy when running a browser-game or something in the browser that takes more resources than normal simple browsing. I get random system hangs if I dare to try running a full screen browser video + OBS to record it or screensharing Discord or something similar, even though CPU usage doesn't even go above 30%. The system will entirely freeze to the poin that the ONE THING that is specifically designed to work in ALL situations, Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn't even work. -Every time I wake it from sleep/hibernation, something else is broken or not working correctly. Windows 11 is the most unstable piece of 💩operating system I have ever experienced. I would rather spend my life savings on a Mac that's half as powerful & made of pure trashium because at least then I'm getting what I expect & paid for.

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