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Skill check scaling RUINS Cyberpunk 2077

It's a terrible "feature" for ANY game and should not exist.

Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 update changed EVEVRYTHING about the game. One thing NOT mentioned in any patch notes or update logs is the introduction of skill check scaling.

What is skill check scaling? Well, a skill check is a requirement of a specific skill level to accomplish a specific goal or action, often to get bonus/secret dialogue/outcomes.

Scaling means for the difficulty of the game to increase as you level up. This is generally a good thing to have enemies or actions become more challenging as you progress, but when skill checks scale, it just becomes moving the goal posts.

Here's the problem with Cyberpunk 2077 skill check scaling:

The game tells you you need a strength level of 20 to open this door, you only have 10, so you go level up 10 more times, dumping all your skill points into strength to get level 20. You go back to the door and now you need 26... you grind 6 more levels, all for strength, come back, it's now 30 and so on.

Not fair, wastes your time, lies to you and forces you to forgo everything else you want to do in the game just to get that 1 goal. With a level cap of 60 and allowance to respec your skills only once per playthrough, this is even worse. This is how CD Projekt Red ruined Cyberpunk 2077.

Make Cyberpunk 2077 great again!

Watch the video:

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