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Discord screen share freeze on MacOS

Been screen sharing with Discord on my Macbook Air so mom & I can shop/watch videos/etc and I'm experiencing issues with the screen lagging or freezing except for a tiny portion of the bottom right corner of the screen.

I have attempted changing all settings I possibly can for hardware acceleration, rendering, loweing the screen share resolution/fps, nothing helps. The process titled "Discord Helper (Renderer)" likes to use 50%-85% CPU in addition to other processes using high amounts, resulting in greater than100% CPU usage in total, which makes no sense at all. Nothing I have done helps. I am in conversation with support (they have asked for a recording of the problem, so I'll likely send them this video) so they can investigate further as their test builds, Discord Canary & some other version, still persist with the issue.

Once solved, I will either make another video or community or blog post in additon to pinning a comment from myself about it. If anyone else has this same issue or experienced it previously & has since solved the problem, please do let me know in the comments of the video!

If you're into rant videos, I made a playlist

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