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Green Hell story mode released!

Last week on September 5th, Green Hell's story mode was finally released! Now we have the full game where you play as Jake and you must find Mia. We don't really know exactly what happened to Mia yet, but the nice thing is that when you wake up in the jungle, you're in this nice oasis. It's a safe area where no predators seem to be, there's an obsidian spawn, open water with fish, lilies & snails, tons of trees & mud. Sadly, at least for me, none of the palm trees seem to spawn any coconuts. Not for a while anyway. It makes survival difficult because you need those fats.

Green Hell oasis
Green Hell oasis

When I live streamed Green Hell last week, I was hoping to get up to the point where you brew the Ayahuasca, but since it was so hard to survive, I wasn't able to. I did figure out exactly where I needed to go though. The small encampment with the drying rack has a fire pit in the middle with some burned stuff in it, including part of a map! Finally, Green Hell has its own map! At least for story mode, which is extremely helpful, especially since it gets updated as you find certain things throughout the jungle.

I will be live streaming some more Green Hell in the morning (it's bed time for me now) so if you're reading this, why not come join? It's always a fun time on stream! In the mean time, since the stream isn't set up & blah blah, here's a link to the playlist if you'd like to watch me try to survive the Amazon Rain Forest. The playlist features only live streams of Green Hell, so they will be quite long.

Thanks for reading & have a great day! Godbless!

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